Intermittent computer problems

Nancy told me about the solution to intermittent computer problems
that worked for her. Here is a revised version as edited by an
Electrical Engineer (aka husband)…

  1. Shut down all computer devices – CPU, monitor, printer, anything else.
  2. Disconnect from wall outlet or turn off power bar – the thing here
    is to ensure that everything is completely off. Many of these devices
    will continue to be in “ready mode” or quick restart mode, even though
    they are turned off at the device’s power switch. This is to ensure
    that there is NO juice getting to the devices.
  3. Wait a while – at least several minutes. This is important, because
    lots of devices can just wait out short power interruptions – all too
    frequent in Florida. The device needs to get to its “cold” state. This
    will normally take several minutes. There is no harm waiting longer.
  4. Restart each device one at a time making sure each has fully
    “booted” before turning on the next one. Usually the order doesn’t
    matter these days. In the past, the sequence could mean the difference
    between working and not.

COLD START – Why this works – there is lots of information whizzing
around within the devices and between devices. Every now and then
there are hiccups, burps and farts. Mostly these don’t cause serious
problems, or not ones that are noticeable. Sometimes they add up or
get really confused. Intermittent problem.

By doing the “cold” restart on each device, everything goes back to
its original state. All the system housekeeping gets done. All the
devices are seeing what they expect to see and everyone is happy, at
least for now.


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