learning (weekly)

  • “from Geek Kids. The app includes 9 vehicles and machines that students can assemble including: a car, washing machine, hair dryer, lawn mower, vacuum cleaner, rocket, steam engine, wind mill and pump. Not only do students get to see the inner workings of everyday machines and vehicles, they also get to learn how to put them together to make them work. The puzzles in How it Works: Machines are easy enough for young students to put together the major parts of the machine. When students complete the puzzle, their is a short animation that shows how those parts work together to make the machine operate.”

    tags: k-8 apps engineering physics learning

  • “kid-friendly website to direct your students to during centers, tech tools to assign to your students who need extra help (or want extra work), or new tools to engage your students in learning, this website is for you!
    This website features a collection of free, kid-safe, online resources categorized by subject, grade level, and standard”

    tags: k-8 learning resources free

  • ” Free & Open.

    A Gentle Introduction to Python is 100% free, just like all OpenCourseWare. Anyone can join, and you’re welcome to share your work.
    Learning Powerhouse.

    Pick up Python from leading innovators in online learning. MIT’s chops. Codecademy’s exercises. OpenStudy’s study groups. P2PU’s community. Need we say more?
    Weekly Lessons.

    Make friends with some smarties, and start programming from Week 1. Open for signup now, course starts October 15.”

    tags: programming learning Interactive course

  • “give girls the skills and confidence they need to be successful in computer science and entrepreneurship.

    Girls are guided through an online curriculum and work in teams of five as they develop mobile phone applications, “apps”. The teams are paired with a female mentor who guides them through the curriculum and acts as a positive female role model.”

    tags: k-8 innovation activities learning Interactive course apps projects

  • “Many business people claim that reading across fields is good for creativity. And leaders who can sample insights in other fields, such as sociology, the physical sciences, economics, or psychology, and apply them to their organizations are more likely to innovate and prosper.”

    tags: k-8 reading learning

  • “2012 NMC Horizon Report Higher Education Edition states that: “tablets (a form that is distinct from tabletPCs) have come to be viewed as not just a new category of mobile devices, but indeed a new technology in its own right” (p.14). As a category in its own right, the tablet provides unique opportunities to change the way we teach and learn. There is a new pedagogy associated with tablets. And as such, I believe we have a new form of learning, that is, tablet learning or tLearning.”

    tags: k-8 iPad teaching learning BYO..

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