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  • “edu­ca­tion emer­gency. That emer­gency does not make media head­lines. But it has dis­as­trous human, social and eco­nomic con­se­quences. It is con­sign­ing mil­lions of chil­dren to lives of poverty and dimin­ished oppor­tu­nity, hold­ing back progress in health, rein­forc­ing dis­par­i­ties linked to wealth and gen­der, and under­min­ing prospects for eco­nomic growth. And it is destroy­ing on an epic scale the most valu­able asset of the world’s poor­est nations – the cre­ativ­ity, tal­ent and poten­tial of the young generation.”

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  • “Piktochart is a superb way for students to work on those statistics/probability standards. Being a visual learner myself, I love the way that infographics seem to make data easier to digest. Piktochart can be used to display any type of statistical or mathematical data in new ways. “

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  • “blogs that make me smile, and offering you another opportunity to jump into Twitter and join our PLN (personal learning network).”

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  • “Kelly Tenkely joins The Core to discuss her personalized learning project! Kelly is a trailblazer in education whose passion for kids runs through all of her education endeavors. Kelly discusses why every child deserves to be met where they are academically and how people can join the cause. The Learning Genome Project will be a free “hub” available to every child and brings together students, parents and teachers.”

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  • “n a classroom devoted to meaningful, timely, and effective feedback, and to assessment for learning, not mere assessment of learning, we engage students in conversations that provide them with the support and guidance they need to be successful. These conversations and the feedback we give also provide us — the teachers — with valuable information on how well we’re reaching and supporting the learners in our classrooms.”

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  • “all his teachers knew Armond’s talents, passions, and abilities, even when there was a substitute, because like all students in the school he had a talent profile that explained exactly what his interests, talents, abilities, and preferred learning styles were. This profile could be updated anytime.

    Talent Profiles
    Students love having talent profiles (see samples here) because it allows their teachers to see them as individuals and together the student and teacher can customize instruction that is just right for each student.”

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  • talent profile – “Total Talent Portfolio is a vehicle for gathering and recording information systematically about students’ abilities, interests, and learning styles. The major dimensions of the portfolio and the specific items that guide data gathering within each dimension are presented in Figure 1. Students should achieve autonomy and ownership of the TTP by assuming major responsibility in the selection of items to be included, maintaining and regularly updating the portfolio, and setting personal goals by making decisions about items that they would like to include in the portfolio.”

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  • “If you believe passion driven / passion based instruction is a necessary component of educating innovatively, this collection of articles from my blog and elsewhere will get you started on your journey.”

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  • “performance assessment employs a variety of methods for determining whether a student has attained sufficient mastery of essential knowledge, learning, and skills (intellectual, emotional, and social). Performance means just that, a performance, not just being tested on knowing what but also being assessed on knowing how. Typically, performance assessment employs student performances, portfolios, exhibits, and projects that document and demonstrate applications of learning in real-world contexts over-time. Well-constructed performance assessments can be extremely useful for measuring student growth and guiding future learning.”

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  • “teaching quality. Study after study has shown that it matters more than anything else in a school—and that it is too low in too many places. For all kids to learn 21st-century skills, teaching has to get better—somehow.”

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  • “Measure student achievement via authentic teacher assessment Teachers already have plenty of standardized measures of student growth. For example a teacher can do a running record to assess a child’s reading ability and measure their growth across the year. We can assess a student’s authentic writing with standardized and normed writing rubrics. School systems like West Virginia are using these assessments.
    Measure teacher effectiveness via students and parent satisfaction”

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  • “Below are the sentiments shared by these current and former students during the segment. “

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