K-8 Mobile Learning

Assignment #1 – Evaluation of 3 Learning Environments or Education Technologies

K-8 learning environments or education technologies that support guided learner-directed mobile access to open resources, interactive learning activities and online assessments. Positive and negative aspects for each – Edmodo, Moodle, Florida CPALMS, Learning Genome Project

Edmodo – free, institutional available, training – teachers, students, sample activities, support community, basic functionality, mobile app access. Limited advanced / rich functionality, administration coordination / standardization, open content

Moodle – broad functionality, robust, training, documentation, supports inclusion of external content, free app, support community, hosting services available. Mobile limited, limited collaboration on shared OER repository

CPALMS Resource Center – lessons, activities, assessments, standards, peer reviewed, searchable, some online interactive. Not learner-centered

Learning Genome Project – personalized learning environment, teacher / parent / guide can suggest specific resources, crowd-sourced creation of repository of educational resources. Proposed, development will depend on raising funding.


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