Educational Challenge Scenario

Assignment #2 – Educational Challenge Scenario

Working with the local Middle school 7th grade science teacher, there is an opportunity to introduce smartphones as an optional activity in these classes, to provide some differentiation for general science students as well as advanced students.

The teacher is using a Layered curriculum for each module. Each modules is approximately 2 weeks, with a pre-test, C, B, A activities, deliverables, and post-test. Within the classroom, there are shared computers with limited internet access and filtering, lab equipment, printed worksheets, textbooks. The textbook adoption includes learner and teacher access to a comprehensive online resource for re-teaching and enrichment. There is no assigned homework, and there is prescribed grading, prescribed lessons by week, state standards and tests.

To add the option for learners to use their smartphones to complete some of the activities, the learners require some direction in the form of “paths” – a framework for learner selection from range of options, to provide equivalence and coverage. The Step-down resources or activities cover what the learner needs to know to understand this segment. The Step-up resources or activities provide opportunities to learn more…

The local school district is supporting teachers interested in getting to handheld learning by providing technology support for learners and teachers. Many kids have smartphones, and using them can extend learning beyond classroom, bring personal technology into classroom, promote self-directed learning, as well as cultivate curiosity and critical thinking.


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