Assignment #4 – Learning Classification Chart using Bloom’s Taxonomy

Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

Recognising, listing, describing, identifying, retrieving, naming, locating, finding, Bullet pointing, highlighting, bookmarking, social networking, Social bookmarking, favouriting/local bookmarking, Searching, googling

  • Google Search

Interpreting, Summarising, inferring, paraphrasing, classifying, comparing, explaining, exemplifying, Advanced searching, boolean searching, blog journalling, tagging, categorising and tagging, commenting, annotating, subscribing

  • Google Reader – subscriptions
  • Diigo – social bookmarks, tags, comments, annotation

Implementing, carrying out, using, executing, running, loading, playing, operating, hacking, uploading, sharing, editing

  • Edmodo – notes – sharing
  • Games –

Comparing, organising, deconstructing, Attributing, outlining, finding, structuring, integrating, Mashing, linking, reverse-engineering, cracking, mind-mapping.

  • App reviews – content-specific, grade-level appropriate

Checking, hypothesising, critiquing, experimenting, judging, testing, detecting, monitoring, (Blog/vlog) commenting, reviewing, posting, moderating, collaborating, networking, reflecting, (Alpha & beta) testing, Validating.

  • WordPress – blog by email from phone

designing, constructing, planning, producing, inventing, devising, making, programming, filming, animating, Blogging, Video blogging, mixing, remixing, wiki-ing, publishing, videocasting, podcasting, directing/producing, creating or building mash ups

  • Wirenode – mobile website builder
  • Brushes – paint app

activities – no particular technology

  • student-generated content / materials – lessons, quizzes, FAQs, support

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