You sir, are not a MOOC

When is a course not a MOOC? Designing a New Learning Environment is just course even though it is online, has 1000s of students and unlimited enrollment. In the “community” discussion forum, there is a thread bemoaning the fact that the organizers and learning management system apply the same-old restrictions and controls over students. What ever happened to “Learning wants to be free”?

My $0.02…

I too was dismayed to find that when I completed the work for Assignment 4 and went to submit, I got the “Sorry – too late” message. That’s a power thing. Learning is something very different. What ever happened to the “O” for Open?

I participated in all the early MOOCs. They were a bit chaotic but that got worked out with the addition of automated tools that allowed for a broad range of participation. Lurkers and occasional contributors were valued and encouraged. The facilitators provided daily emails with snips and links to forums, open synchronous webinars, posts, tweets … from the previous day. That is a connected learning environment. Very innovative and a delight for learners.

The submission restriction control [in the DNLE course]  is yet another example of how higher education just doesn’t get it. If you don’t play by the rules that are suitable for people without a life, you can’t be a fully participating learner in this space. You sir, are not a MOOC.


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