of moocs and ipads…

Sounds like the early days of online courses – most of the people “teaching” them have never been a student in one so they just put their classroom stuff online – boring. At least for MOOCs, people seem to think that rock-star TED-esque video is required, along with the reading. That’s progress, well sort of…

50 students is really bad – too many to have any interesting discussions, not enough to have some really cool stuff happen with huge numbers. Not free, so people are still doing this for the grades – compliance, not passion or even interest in the subject or the process. Not open – all student work is “submitted” and out of the control and access by the student. Not reusable, remixable, redistributable, … Arguably, not educational or a resource. So much for ideas like learner-directed or Open Educational Resources.

iPads – essentially the same thing happened at the K-8 school where I volunteer. Story is they were waiting on coming up with the $200 / per iPad for the protective covers, so $500 iPads sit unused. The excitement and interest is long gone. Everyone has just moved on as big iPads are sooo yesterday.

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