1. introductions – day 2

This is Day 2 of CIS2 Topic 1. Introductions.

Looks like most people have accessed the course. That is a good start.

Big thanks to the brave folks who jumped right in and posted to the discussion forums and took the quizzes. It is always nice that someone else has tested the course features, so there is something to see.

Review the Assignments for this week. Yes, there are a lot of them. The course work is structured so you can work on them throughout the week. Everything is due on Sunday night at 11:30pm but it is important to spread the work out to get the most from the course.

There isn’t a textbook for the course. If you want to use a textbook along with articles and media on the web, the textbook – A Gift of Fire, used in previous semesters is a good resource.

If you have questions, please ask.


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