social bookmarking

Facebook is social, but few people use it for “social bookmarking” although you can.

The idea with social bookmarking is to share links to articles, pictures, whatever on the web. There are so many resources on the web, social bookmarking is a way to find the “good stuff”. If everyone bookmarks interesting sites and makes notes and “tags” the bookmark with keywords or category information, it helps others who are looking for similar sites. Some people just do this for themselves, but are willing to share the information with anyone who is interested.

There are a number of web sites specifically for saving and sharing links and comments. Look through the bookmarks at the suggested social bookmarking sites –, for example. What information has been included with the links? Does this help you find interesting sites? How is this different from Google? Follow the bookmarks from a particular person. Some people are really good at finding information that is interesting. Is there some person that shares your interests?

Other than links to family and friends in Facebook, do you share links to web pages and comments about those on Facebook?


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