let’s keep talking…

Thanks for your feedback in your comments in the 4. I wonder...

Here are some comments about the questions and suggestions from the class.

  • Time – the amount of time that students spend doing readings and assignments for CIS2 varies greatly by individual, time allocation, interest.
  • How am I doing? Most of the regular contributors are doing well.  Most students have a good idea how they are doing. If you are completeing all the work on time, you should be doing fine. If you aren’t sure, you can check your grades – left navigation menu, near the bottom. Everything submitted on time is graded within a few days of the due date.
  • You can work ahead if you wish.
  • The weekly topic formats and due dates guide the progress through the course. Many students like the feeling of connection that comes with participating in a discussion over several days. Some students need the structure of deadlines and detailed instructions for assignments to understand the requirements and what to do.
  • Students who log in every day or most days do better at time management and enjoy the discussions more.
  • Live chat or meetings – Several people asked about “real time” discussions. We can try but it is very difficult to get a time that works for more than a few people. Reply to this post with suggestions for dates and times and we can set up a chat time.
  • Less formal discussions – There is the **General interest forum for informal discussions. There is a chat function within Catalyst. These are available to you to use.
  • Question for you – The “assigned” discussions have a specific topic and learning outcome. They are structured so that everyone can participate and knows what they must contribute. That makes them somewhat formal. How would you make these more discussion-like?
  • Look and feel – Catalyst comes with this neat, functional but not very hip or exciting appearance. For new online students, this works. It isn’t fancy, but it gets the job done. It will be a long time before we are likely to see any big changes.
  • Community service – In the Community Service Learning forum, there can be discussions for each partner project. You are welcome to post and exchange information with others work on the same project. This can be your own informal group. I will add a Choice so you can see who else selected the same project that you did.
  • Quiz questions answers – Yes, you have to type in your own answer, rather than pick from multiple choice answers. There isn’t one “right” answer for these questions. It is important that you learn about working in a group online and off by having to remember and think about how to solve problems that come up. More useful in the long run.

These are great points that come up. Thanks for your feedback.

If you have more questions or comments, let’s keep talking…


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