tutors, coaches, …

One thing that caught my attention – fixing problems with coaches, tutors, … Today (and perhaps always) “wealthy” think of this as an option. Schools provide/ require some kids to have help. A few poor kids get help at places like Boys & Girls Club. I think the vast majority don’t seek outside help. Parents/ caregivers may help if they can or provide structure and support, but even that isn’t all that common.

This is based on observation, not data. Data may be available. It is a really good idea and there are lots of free or low cost options, but this may be new to many of your readers.

Also – recently saw an article talking about school reform. The author was really concerned that parents weren’t supporting initiatives to improve rigor and depth in public education. The interesting point was that most parents want their kids to be “successful” and not stressed out so school shouldn’t be so demanding that kids can fail. Seriously?#!?

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