To have…

The real “haves” are they who can acquire freedom, self-confidence, and even riches without depriving others of them. They acquire all of these by developing and applying their potentialities. On the other hand, the real “have nots” are they who cannot have aught except by depriving others of it. They can feel free only by diminishing the freedom of others, self-confident by spreading fear and dependence among others, and rich by making others poor. -—Eric Hoffer, 1955

Seems to be much more of the “have not” these days – everything from bullying to financial shenanigans. In the past people seemed more willing to help, share so everyone benefited. What’s changed? What can be done to change the current trend?

mt: Society is a recognition that working together, cooperatively means more for everyone than what individuals can do alone. It is not a zero-sum game.


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