Replies to replies

Participating in the discussions – by posting “meaningful” replies is an important part of an online course, and contributes to the class “learning community”. Reply posts don’t have to be lengthy but they do need to contribute to the conversation. “I like this because…”

Lively discussions make the course more interesting and informative. There are very few graded assignments or quizzes. Through the discussions you demonstrate your work and get feedback from others. You also learn a lot by providing feedback.

There is a topic for each of the 12 weeks of the semester. All the activities and discussions for the topic are due by 11:30pm on the Sunday of the week (except final topic) – check the Syllabus for exact dates.

You can work ahead on the web pages. I encourage those who have some web and programming background to move along at their own pace. You may find the first few topics pretty easy to master. Some of the later topics are more challenging and will provide the opportunity to create more complex web sites. However, you will need to participate in the discussions on the week they are due to reply to the work of folks who post closer to the due dates.

Note to procrastinators – if you post within hours of the deadline, you won’t get much feedback and you will miss out on an important part of the course experience. Sooner is better.


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