Introductions and post viewing

In the first week of the course, there are lots of new things happening. I’m happy to hear from you early in the week, so we can get started.

You can re-post your introduction to the main Introduction discussion to ensure that is read by everyone. When introductions are all together, it is easy to just scroll through and read all of them.

I use the Display replies flat, with newest first. That is a handy way to see the most recent additions.

Also, in your Profile, you can select
* Forum tracking: Yes, highlight me posts for me
With this option selected, on the main course page, for each discussion forum the number of unread posts displays next to the Discussion link. On the topic posts display, watch for highlighting to indicate the unread posts – usually a different color in the post heading.

I frequently take other online courses. In some courses, each person posts as a separate discussion topic, and it is difficult to read every introduction, especially for a large class like this.

Introductions are so important. Keeping them all together seems to help bring the class together.

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