Summary – 1. Getting Started

Big thank you to everyone who got the CIS89A Web Page Development course off to a great start.

I always enjoy the introductions – so many different experiences and expectations. We will try to have everyone accomplish their web page development goals, learn a lot and enjoy the course too.

The Getting Started activities gave you an opportunity to navigate the Catalyst course management system and use several of the functions provided.

I have graded all the discussions and assignments submitted so far. Great work. For the discussions, all the main post are given a grade. Some reply posts were given a grade if they contributed to the conversation. Not all posts receive points, even if they are good and interesting comments. The grade for the discussion is the sum of all the points for individual posts. However there is a maximum number of total points for the entire discussion forum. Your grade is the sum of your individual post points up to that maximum.

Find your Grades – bottom of the main navigation menu. You will be able to see if you missed any assignments, as well as tell how you are doing overall in the course.

The Mozilla WebMaker tools are new so we will all be learning how to make the most of them. Be sure to ask questions if you need help. We can figure it out together.

The discussions were really active and informative. However it was a bit overwhelming for those of you who are new to online classes or have participated in classes without discussions. Usually discussions are more focused and specific to a particular assignment activity.

Late work – I accept late assignments, because you will learn something even if you don’t get full credit for the work. I’ll accept week 1 assignments for full credit this week as it takes a few days to get organized ay the beginning of the semester. Any time you know in advance that you will not be able to complete assignments, please let me know and we can work out a completion plan for you.

There is an Extra Credit forum at the bottom of the main course page. New topics will be added throughout the course. You can complete these at anytime for extra credit.

Week 2 – Basic HTML

We will start building actual web pages and saving them, using the same general process that professional web developers use. This week we will continue to review Web Literacy skills, as well as access and use other web sites with specific functions.

FAST group

If you would like to move ahead at your own pace, I have set up a separate FAST group forum for you and others with web page development experience and/or programming experience.

If you want to participate in technical discussions, use the FAST group discussions. I encourage you to ask and answer all sorts of questions. By providing a specific place, the discussions can be focused and as technical as necessary.

Please respect the folks who are new to online classes and to web technology and here to start with the very basics of the web and web page development. Keep the main topics for assignment activity discussions.

Thanks again to all for a good first week of the CIS89A Web Page Development course. I look forward to working with you.

As always, if you have questions, please ask. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Have a great 2. HTML Basics week.


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