discussion participation grade

Reminder – a requirement for this course is that you log in and participate daily.

The discussions are part of the course. The discussion activities are directly linked to the student learning outcomes for the course. By participating in the discussion activity, you are fulfilling the requirements for the learning outcomes.

For many of the discussion activities, students share sites they like or find, and provide great information about the connection to the activity. For the reply activities, you pick a few to review, too. That way everyone learns about many more interesting sites and gets to see what others noted. This is much more interesting and educational than everyone looking at the same site.

If you are only adding a couple of brief posts at 11:27 on Sunday night, you are not meeting all the requirements. There is no opportunity for “discussion” – one of the objectives. There is no opportunity for others to benefit from your submissions and reviews. And nobody is going to read your posts as they will be starting the next topic already.

Discussion grading is sliding scale. A post on Monday or Tuesday will receive a higher grade than the same post would get on Friday. By Sunday night, that post isn’t going to make much of a contribution to the overall discussion and the low grade reflects that.


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