what’s in it for you

Why are you taking a course in Web Page Development? This was one of the questions in the Introduction discussion. More importantly, what are you prepared to do to achieve your objective?

The courses provides

  • an online hub for the course – information and links to everything needed to complete the course work
  • weekly activities with due dates and grading
  • online support, information, announcements about DeAnza and this course
  • access to the work and comments of other students through specified class activities and informally, through the off-topic discussion and/or Catalyst message s
  • an instructor – me – who can be reached through the course forums, Catalyst messages and/or email. I answer questions and provide additional guidance as necessary. I pass along new information that has relevance to the course. We can discuss your ideas for future projects. We can adjust your coursework to meet your needs.

The course content and format is pretty flexible. What you get from the course is up to you.

If you want more coding, great! You can work ahead following the course outline, or you can choose your own path. I am happy to discuss your ideas, and help you be successful.

If you already know all the stuff that is being covered and want to “test out” let’s talk.

If you want an A, do all the activities and demonstrate a level of interest and excellence beyond the basic requirements through active and thoughtful participation in all aspects of the course learning experience.

If you are new to Web Page Development, HTML and CSS, the course as outlined and scheduled should be about right for you. There is a lot to cover if this is all new to you. But it is exciting to be able to create your own web pages. You will be adding many more features and taking control of how your work appears to your viewers. It is challenging but it is a lot of fun, too.


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