ftp to voyager

First you need an FTP program. WinSCP is a good choice for Windows. Once you have it downloaded and ready to go, you log in under host name of voyager.deanza.edu

It will then ask for your username and password, which should be the username and password you use for your De Anza CIS lab account. Once you’re in, the window will be split into two. The left is your computer, the right is your directory in the De Anza Voyager server. Navigate it like you normally would in your normal computer.

For the url address, you don’t need to mention the public_html part. All you have to do is replace username, with yours, and voyagertest.html with whatever you called your own test page.


Voyager and many other web hosting systems treat files with the name index.html as the central page for the directory they are in. So if you just provide the url of the directory, Voyager assumes you want to see the index.html file.

The web address you see is provided to make it easier to access the index file in your directory on Voyager. Less typing, less chance of making a mistake.

You can specify the whole url – that works too. It just isn’t necessary.

If you upload a file named cis89basic.html to your public-html directory, you would have to specify the entire url including the complete file name.

Notice that when you are logged in to your Voyager account, there are a number of directories, including public-html. You had to put your file into the public-html directory for it to be viewed from a web browser.

Also ~studentname is a shortcut. Voyager knows to interpret that as the actual url path to your public-html directory.



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