mooc – Learning to Teach Online

Learning to Teach Online MOOC – First impressions – pretty good so far. I have experience with MOOCs and Coursera, as well as with online teaching, so my perspective may be a bit different than someone just coming to all this. I’m really interested in what others think.

A couple of things I really like
– all modules available from Day 1
– short videos are ok, some add to understand, some just instructors reading instructions to the camera
– Coursera tracks the modules and activities you have visited/completed, which is nice if you are not working through the course sequentially.
– Coursera discussions function works pretty well – I like sorting entries with newest first so I see the most recent posts.

Not sure I like…
– Activities for Module 1 – says they are reflection, look like a survey, BUT they are quizzes and actually have right and wrong answers, some of which I don’t agree with.

Discussions – learning from others is the best part of a “good” MOOC. Unfortunately the forum threads are already getting to be unmanageable, and this is only day 3! Unless I make a specific side trip, I’m missing Twitter and other blog posts. Stephen Downes et al had a tech tool that provided a daily email summary with links so it was easy to scan all these in one place and select some to access directly, but many people found that confusing. Making discussions and participant contributions manageable and accessible is a problem with MOOCs in general and no one has come up with a good solution, as far as I know.

Overall – interesting and helpful, I thought.


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