k-8 tech – families and friends

Find ways to get families to do more and share their stories.

How autonomous is the parent organization? Sounds like some families would like to see more tech. Are they willing to do more at home with some direction?

With SharePoint “you” should be able to put resources, ideas, feedback on your web presence – place to try getting some traction through the power of suggestion. Provide contests, encourage feedback, publish suggestions.

In your quest for grants, be on the lookout for any that require home/school partnerships.

I’d still love to pilot some tablets and/or handhelds “to go” – library resource with wifi only and lots of stuff loaded for reading, writing and math practice. Eventually allow them to be checked out and taken home by kids who need more at-home practice. There are apps for that. Maybe there is a grant for that too. This could also serve as a test-drive for electronic textbook transition. That sounds like a big challenge and being proactive is really going to help make the transition.


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