assignment 2

Assignment 2
Part A
For a web site development course, I would like students to explore creating content that will be accessed by mobile devices as well as by laptop or desktop computers.

* understand the limitations and strengths of mobile devices for web page display
* find and use web development tools that support mobile devices
* accommodate mobile device display formats in site design

* students have some web development skills and prior assignment experience
* some students will continue on to careers in web development, and must understand the design requirements for supporting mobile devices
* currently, students can try accessing their web pages with their personal mobile devices, or work with friends or classmates to access their designs on a range of devices
* using online testing tools would expand the range of mobile devices that can be tested and supported

Part B
An online component would allow students to test their web pages on a wide range of virtual mobile devices. Trying to emulate the complexities and options is more effective in an online environment. Students can revisit their designs on any device throughout the development process.

There is no evidence in the literature to support the suggested redesign of this activity.

Mobile devices each have their unique display capabilities. Students frequently design pages that look great on their own development computer without regard to other display features and limitations. With the increasing dependence on mobile devices for web-related tasks, it is important the future web developers gain experience in this area. As a practical matter, it would be difficult to make many of the common devices available to students throughout the development and testing process. Fortunately online resources are available that provide the necessary testing environment.

This activity could be carried out in a computer lab, but this is not a particularly good use of lab resources, when students are likely to be doing work outside lab hours and their own computers.


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