4. From here to there – Links

Links (short for hyperlinks) are the single most important feature of the Worldwide Web. The idea is that a document could include direct access to references and those would be displayed just by clicking on the text. Most of the original documents on the web were academic or scientific. It is important to be able to go back to information that is background information. Providing that through a link directly from the page you are reading was a huge improvement.

Please review the list of topics in the course – listed on the main page. Many of you are trying to do things that we haven’t covered yet. If you want to add an image, you can look and see that will be covered and wait until then, or you can study that material so you have help adding the image now.

Text formatting

The text Markup tags go right into the body section and surround the text to be formatted. This way of formatting pre-dates Cascading Style Sheets. The original developers thought this would be all the formatting that would be needed.


There are thousands of fonts. It is fun to use them to change the look of your content. Be aware that many of these are not available to most viewers. You can check this yourself. Try specifying a font and display the page. Change the font and display it again. Did you see any difference? Probably not. In most cases, if you pick a weird font, the browser doesn’t have that font available and just displays using the default font set in the viewer’s browser.

If your web design depends on something special, you may have to save it as an image and include the image in your page.

List of HTML tags to include

The lists of HTML for the coding assignments are provided each week to help you learn to use all of the common tags and some of the obscure ones. There should be an example of each in use in your page code submission. It is your responsibility to ensure that you include each one. Sometimes points will be deducted if you don’t include all of them.

For assignments, include the tags specified, even if you don’t like the results. It is important to get practice using all the tags, not just those that you want for your final project site. Remember these are assignments so you will learn all about HTML and CSS.

As we move along, your pages include more that just the basic HTML code. You should learn to use the tags in the assignments, but also work on improving the visual components functionality of your pages.

Adding comments throughout your code is a good habit to get into. When you are learning, it is nice to know what you were trying to do, then see what worked. Later on, after you have created 100s of page, it is good to have comments to remind you about what you were doing.

The coding activities include the discussion post AND the assignment “quiz” to get a grade for the assignment itself. Posting to the forum is only one part of the assignment. That is for participation – so everyone can look at your work if they wish, and talk about the assignment. Submit the actual assignment to receive your grade for that too.

The pages are really starting to come together. There are still some rough spots with style sheets. That is a lot to cover when you are new to web development. The discussions are very interesting. Great work, everyone.

The discussions are better when the posts are coming in earlier in the week. If you like deadlines, set Thursday as your discussion day. This helps the whole class when there are good reviews and comments to read throughout the week.

Happy linking!


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