failure to communicate

I copied the code you provided and created a new page with Thimble. I made a couple of changes – described below. Remix this one and make your changes. Then resubmit with just the Thimble page address of your own new page

There were several conflicting elements.

Review the basics of page sections – head and body. There should only be one head element and one body element. Only information in the body section will display in the browser view. Anything else is either information to the browser or ignored.

You had several head tags and nothing in the body section that the browser could display so your page shows up as blank. I put body tags around your “content” and it shows up in the page display.

Review inline style sheets – this information goes in the head section. You can add style information in the body section, but that has different format. Yes, this is confusing, but that is the way it is.

When you get stuck like this, just stop! Then start deleting stuff until you get to the point where something works enough to figure out what the problem is. If the problem is really bad – as it seems to be here, just start from scratch and add one thing at a time. That way you can see where you go wrong and fix that one thing.

As it is, it looks like you kept adding to some small error and things never got better, which just made it worse.

Your assignment pages can be simple – just include exactly what is required for the assignment.

Communication is really important for problem solving in an online course. Try asking more specific questions about what you think is the problem. Describe something specific. Respond to questions or directions.

I asked for the address to your Thimble page.  Without that, I have no idea where you are working or how to help you. Your reply – I noticed I could not put the file name in the area it asked me to??

I still have no idea where you are working. I copied your code into Thimble and saved it which pops up a box with a web address. I made a couple of changes as described to unscramble the head / body section problem, and saved it again. Now you can do a remix of that from your own account.

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