That’s all…

Thanks to everyone for making this a great course!

I was especially impressed with the quality and thoughtfulness of the Peer reviews. They were wonderful. Such great feedback to the developers. Really good observations and respectful suggestions for improvement.

I know this is a bit of a scramble to finish up by Tuesday night, but there is no better solution for minimizing the impact on finals week and holiday preparations and comply with college requirements for grades submission.

Thanks to all for your enthusiastic participation and great feedback to me. Your questions were most helpful in guiding the support for those who needed it and allowing others to progress to more in-depth exploration of this broad subject.

The deadline for submissions has passed, so please do not submit any late work. I will be grading everything that has been submitted.

Several of you have asked about partial grades before the deadline. In an effort to complete the grading as quickly as possible, some submitted assignments and posts were graded before the deadline.

Please be assured that all submissions received by the Tues Dec 9, 11:30pm deadline will receive credit. However, if you think I missed something, ask about it.

If you have created work and stored it to your Voyager account, please make a copy of anything you want to keep. The storage on Voyager will be reset shortly after the end of the quarter.

I’ll post a note here when the grades are finalized. Remember, you can access your work and check your grades within Catalyst for the next week or so.

Great class. Good learning opportunity for me too. Thanks!

All the best


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