OERs in Higher Ed

It’s complicated…

Finding “Goldilocks” – Locating an OER that is just right is challenging. Many are too complex or come with assumptions or objectives that are too broad. Others are too narrow and don’t cover enough to make a contribution that is in proportion to the time and energy to find an appropriate OER.

Curation, indexing, references, all will help as these become more established. We are seeing this in K-12. Trusted curators who publish lists, blog and tweet about updates to their lists, regular tweet chats, even podcasts that review tweet chats! I haven’t seen anything like this in Higher Ed. Have I missed it?

As for creating OERs, there is always a question of what is “perfect enough” to release to the world, and then promote aggressively. Should that be the job of the OER creator? If I publish it in my small obscure HE web presence, will they come? Will it be hacked or copied or revised? Or worse – held up to scrutiny by my peers and/or next employer? How will this be viewed in my body of work if someone “googles” me?

Lots of questions.


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