no lectures

CIS89A Web Development is structured in a “learn by doing” format.

The weekly topics follow a really good book that presents all the important information in a very useable format. If you continue to create web pages beyond this course, you will need a good reference resource. By making extensive use of the book during the course, you will learn to find information you need in the book.

The web experience of students in the class ranges from very beginner to some familiarity to extensive knowledge of programming and web services. No class length lecture would be appropriate to this diverse group so there are no “lectures”.  There are references to individual tutorials, and some are videos.

In addition to doing the assignments yourself, you will have the opportunity to see what others are doing, inspect their code, ask questions and see the responses to questions through the discussion postings,

The overall topics and structure are provided. There are suggested resources for each topic. Now it is up to you to start with what you know (even if it is just very basic) and build on that. Everything you need to learn is available.


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