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Hmmm.. I have students in my community college web development course working through (or at least reflecting on) the Web Literacies Map. This is just one of several threads to introduce HTML coding and web development. And yes, we are going through it left-to-right, top-to-bottom. This is to raise awareness of what is possible and provide a structure for all the seemingly random bits of information needed to be a web developer these days. For the “What do I have to do to get an A” generation, this is a stretch into self-directed learning. Is that Political?

..after posting my comment, I wandered off and discovered that there was an update to the Web Literacies Map on March 25, 2015. As a big fan of WebMaker for learning HTML and CSS, I like the new version. Accessibility is one of the huge benefits that so many web developers ignore, so it is nice to see Accessibility gets its own sub-topic. There is also a lot of new (to me) information in the WebMaker Teach resources. I wonder how long it might have taken to discover this without this serendipitous subjective.


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