If only this were a perfect world…

If only this were a perfect world… Every semester there is an incredible range of personal responsibilities, motivation, academic skills, English proficiency, web accessibility and time availability. This semester is no exception. I fully understand that many students only have time on the weekend, which is why there are no required assignments due mid-week as several of your peers have suggested.

Students who could participate throughout the week often need some encouragement to step out. These early posters can make the classes more dynamic and inclusive for everyone.

The coding activities are geared to the typical beginning web developer with little or no programming or HTML experience. This is pretty challenging for most of the students.

You are not limited to the coding as described in the assignments. Many more advanced students go way beyond the assignment and expand into other elements and attributes associated with the topic of the week. So long as the assignment tags are present, they are free to do what they like. I review all the code submitted and offer suggestions as appropriate.

You are welcome to dig as deeply as you like into the technology infrastructure of the internet, data communication and information management that exists behind the scenes for the web. I would be happy to discuss personalized assignments that you will find more demanding. You can select some specific areas of interest to explore, or I can set up some scenarios that will required more expertise to complete.


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