perception vs reality

Ugh – another FUD piece – fear, uncertainty and doubt

As a long-time online instructor, blended learning facilitator, technology co-coordinator, curriculum developer, I beg to differ.

He gets some of it right – awesome resources available, most free and open. Available to everyone – including learners where there are no teachers because they can’t get teachers from marginally literate to teaching professional fast enough to educate millions of kids who desperately need education to participate in the global society.

And then he misses the good stuff – being able to work with kids in a way that simply isn’t possible without technology and resources. This isn’t facilitation of some canned education plan.

I like the SAMR model for explaining this
The SAMR Model – Enhancing Technology Integration
— In the first two stages, labelled substitution and augmentation, technology acts as a direct substitute for the original tool, with either no or little functional change or improvement. In the third and fourth stages, labelled modification and redefinition, technology allows for modification of the task through to complete redefinition – the technology allows for a completely new learning experience.

Redefinition – Now that is really exciting for students and teachers!


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