DARE – Learning Literacies

Thanks for the opportunity to share our work on Learning Literacies.

Link to the OER information about the Learning Literacies project and the activities

When offered as a course, each of the literacies pages – Use it, Find it, … are linked as “Assignments” from inside the Catalyst course. Most of the activities required posting in a discussion topic within the forum for the literacies. The posts are graded.

For integrating into other courses, the activities from the literacies can be copied and adapted for including in context.

The Resources page is a compilation of the resources from the individual literacies pages. These are being updated periodically. Some of the activities have students review resources in the list, some have them recommend new ones to add. This semester I am having students suggest resources to remove as a way to refine the lists. Their assessment of the resources is really helpful in identifying what they consider worth keeping.

All the course materials are open and available for reuses, remix and redistribution at wikieducator.org.


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