final project – keep it simple

Hmm… Several things here. Great that you are doing all this work – a huge learning experience.

* Final project – keep it simple. Only one page and internal style sheet. yes, this isn’t very realistic but the objective is for you and me to see your mastery of HTML and CSS. With a big complex site, neither of us can assess that. Best to just include a few important elements to show your understanding.

* Peer review – another really important part of the course is the peer review activity. Other students will be reviewing your work and learning a lot from careful examination of your code. If you are overwhelmed by your code, many of the others won’t get to appreciate what you are sharing.

* Anything in your Voyager will be erased at the end of the semester. There is usually only a few days to save your files before the server is refreshed for the next semester. This happens pretty fast in Spring, because Summer semester starts immediately.

* The whole point of external style sheets is so you only have one for the entire site and all the page formatting is based on that one source. If a page has some additional formatting unique to that page, then consider using internal or inline formatting – this is the cascading in CSS.

Again, it is wonderful that you are doing all this development and going beyond the basics. I’m impressed with your work and effort.


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