basic usability and visual design

 Thanks for your feedback. You said — I wish the course had delved more into actual design for the web (things like basic usability and visual design), maybe spending time on that instead of the Learning Literacies things which I didn’t feel were very relevant.
There is a lot of flexibility in the course, so the course activities can be altered or expanded to meet students’ needs. Your input is appreciated.

What more would you like to see in design for the web, basic usability and visual design? What do you think we didn’t address within the course? How would this be included in the course in the future?

Learning Literacies is in the course for a couple of reasons. DeAnza and the California Community College Chancellor’s Office are encouraging all faculty to work with students on these skills to raise student success and retention rates. You are part of an “early adoption” cohort of this program at DeAnza. Expect to see  student success help and support integrated into more courses in coming semesters.

Just as important for this course, we access and discuss many additional Learning Literacies sites as “authentic” site users to experience a broad range of designs and useability. Although design and useability are not explicitly critiqued in the reviews, you are evaluating these aspects along with the content of each site. Does this need to be clarified?


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