5. Employment, Education and Entertainment and 6. Mid Term project

5. Employment, Education and Entertainment and 6. Mid Term project

NOTE – For the rest of the semester, assignments are due Thursday and Sunday.

5. Employment, Education and Entertainment – due Thurs July 16
Thousands of people are working in jobs that did not exist ten years ago. Other jobs have changed.
School isn’t what it used to be. What we do for fun has also dramatically different.

6. Mid Term project – due Sunday July 19
Midterm – Millennium Development Goals

NOTE – separate due dates for each topic to facilitate participation and time management

3. Intellectual Property and 4. Crime – Summary

Great responses to the discussions and assignments for the topics. Thanks for all the feedback.

Big Thank You to everyone – a student wrote: ” People in my class are adding valuable information to the discussions. The articles posted have been useful to explore new topics in computers and society that I would not normally read or watch.”

Here are a few more thoughts…

Please suggest any resources, particularly videos and podcasts that you think present the topics in a clear and interesting way.

Please suggest clarifications for assignments. This is always a challenge – wording the description so most people are able to complete the activity.

Online courses require greater self-direction and scheduling than on-campus courses, even though there is no travel time.

This is a UC and CSU transfer course, so the course is required to be the same for every semester.

The assignment activities are structured so you can do something anytime you have 20 minutes or so to work on the coursework.

As a college student, you are expected to take responsibility for your own learning. You are getting constant feedback. There are dozens of activities and posts that are reviewed and graded every week. If you get full points, the work is fine. For most assignments, there is a personal comment as well as a grade. If you are missing something, you will receive a note with help. If you have a specific question, please ask.

Don’t underestimate the value of the discussions. You and your classmates are providing a wonderful learning opportunity. One instructor can not possibly review and comment on this amount of current information. Computers, the internet and society are changing rapidly. Having a network like this is essential to participating as a citizen in the global economy.

Yes, Summer semester is rushed, but the class is really coming together. Lots of great resources and thoughtful comments. This is a great learning experience for everyone, including me!

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