7. Evaluating and Controlling Technology

Thanks to everyone for your research and thoughtful commentary about the Millennium Development Goals.

Great progress is being made in some areas, but others continue to pose major challenges.

The technology suggestions proposed certain could help alleviate and eventually eliminate some of the problems. You raise many good questions as well.

What are you doing to resolve these questions?

What can we do to address these problems? We are the ones who are going to find solutions and promote them. We have seen the importance of the problems. We can be part of the solution. Whether it is a major break through or something as simple as telling a friend, we all can help.

There is a lot interest in eliminating poverty through education delivered via the internet. This brings up several issues. Getting internet access to remote locations is progressing through cell and satellite services. However, devices like computers and smartphones are challenging. While it seems logical to just give people our outdated equipment, this creates more problems than it solves. The cost of shipping, maintenance and support are huge and the benefits are small at best. Finding cheap innovative solutions are far more likely to be successful

If you are concerned about disposing of old technology, there are some local programs for dealing with e-Waste and recycling electronics and technology equipment. Check around for a recycling center near you.

Many of these are “people” problems. Getting the information out is something we all can do. If we have the opportunity to support an organization or an individual that is taking action, let’s help where we can. It may be as simple as forwarding an email, or explaining the importance of a solution.

Coming up…

We are looking at broader issues and the future impact of technology on society. Understanding and evaluating the impact is essential to ensure that the benefits are realized and the risks and harm are minimized. How will we know when technology is becoming harmful? How can these amazing advances ensure that everyone is better off? Think about it…


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