8. Anytime, Anywhere

You guys are amazing! This is a great class. Your research and discussions are really adding to the class. In your reflection responses, you are asking some very good questions that everyone should be thinking about.

You are “getting” the need to be aware of the dangers. Remember that there are tremendous opportunities and benefits as well. Stay on the look out for the positives too.

Ethics and responsibility

In the end, it is up to each of us to take responsibility for our use of technology and be on the look out for mistakes, failures and inappropriate use of technology. Depending on government and laws for protection isn’t necessarily going to prevent harm. Too often laws are enacted only after there has been a problem that was fixed, and the accumulation of laws prevent real progress.

Government is already taking on vast responsibilities to control and regulate technologies. Sometimes government intervention is not the best solution. Every user and consumer needs to take some responsibility too.

As you observe some of the problems are way beyond our technology skills and “need to know.” As consumers, we have a lot of power in selecting companies and organizations we work with and do business with. We can’t just assume everyone is working for our best interests. But it has always been so. Technology allows bad things to happen to more people more quickly, but it also enables good people to work together quickly and effectively to resolve problems and do great things that benefit many others.

Being knowledgable and ethical as an individual consumer and employee and taking personal responsibility will be most effective in the long run.


Medical technology including computer-driven treatments like radiation therapy, drug manufacturing and control of prostheses and many other medical advances have enormous benefits as well as risks and ethical considerations. The possibilities and the responsibilities are important considerations.

Identity theft and abuse of personal information

Yes, there is nothing so wrong as people taking advantage of others in any context, but using technology is especially frustrating. So much damage to so many people, and so difficult to trace and make the perpetrators accountable. But it is important to remember that there are so many good, ethical, competent people out there who are working to prevent these crimes Sooner or later the good guys will get the upper hand.

Self-driving cars

Much has been written about self-driving cars. The introduction of any new technology that will cause a major shift in something as basic as transportation is going to come with issues to be resolved. Think about the introduction of personal automobiles! That was a really big deal, but it got worked out over time. Initially there were big problems to resolve, and they were. Over time the problems changed and they get resolved as new technologies are introduced. Stay tuned.

Keep those questions coming…

There will always be those who don’t want change even if the benefits outweigh the negatives. These are the questions that everyone should be asking. Each of us can contribute to the greater good by asking questions and staying informed.

All of us as individuals as well as in our roles as consumers and employees need to take responsibility and do what we can to promote safe and beneficial uses of technology. We can do our part by asking questions about the issues and impact of these innovations.

We all need to be concerned about these issues and take responsibility for finding answers.

Now we will be looking to a bright future!

The work being shared is important and interesting. Thanks for being great participants in this wonderful learning experience.



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