coding assignment pages

Please note – your coding assignments are separate from your Final Project.

The coding assignments are demonstrations of the topic for that week. I can’t tell if you understand the topic code requirements if you are including all the code for your final project. You will not be able to experiment with the topic tags is you have loads of other stuff in the page file.

You should be exploring using elements and variables in your code assignments. Most of these would not be appropriate in your final web site. You need to learn the features and limits of HTML and CSS in these assignments.

If some of the code you write for the code assignment can be used in your final project, great. Copy the code into your final project.

Internal style sheets

For now, please use internal style sheets. Understand that you can always make these external so that they can be referenced for an entire site.

For the purposes of coding assignments it is important to have all the elements and styles in a single page file. Each code assignment must be in its own page file.


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