coding assignments

Students are expected to do their own work.

For web development and learning from the work of others, some students copy and adapt code to make it their own. In general, that is ok, but individual effort must go into understanding and modifying the code.

Taking the work of someone else and submitting it as your own is NOT ok. If you don’t do the coding, you are not learning what you would if you did the work.

If you are copying some code fragments, be sure you understand all the code and make significant changes to make the work your own. If you copy big chunks of code without understand what you are doing, you will make mistakes and leave evidence of your lack of understanding and effort. There will be significant point deductions for this.

Sharing work and reviewing the work of others is how most web development professionals learn and improve. The discussion format works well for this course. Unfortunately there are students who are more focused on their grades than actually learning HTML and CSS, and abuse the openness that benefits everyone. If you think someone has copied your work, please let me know.

Even if someone copies your work, you know you did the work and learned from the experience. It is a great compliment that someone thought your work was good and they copied it.


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