CSS, themes and magic…

One of the very coolest features of CSS is the ability to make content separate from styling for an entire site or just some pages. Before CSS, every single page had to have all the styling include in every page.

Imagine having to copy and paste the elements and their styling to every new page. Then if you wanted to change something across your 20 pages for your web site, you had to go back and update every single page. What a nightmare!

Then came CSS and the idea of “themes” that we are looking at in WordPress.

In the past, there was a selection of themes that could be changed for Catalyst, and I changed the theme each week to show how this worked in practice. Unfortunately, that feature has been disabled to ensure consistent display on computers, tablets and smartphones.

So here is a WordPress blog I created to show how the same content looks with different themes applied. These are all pre-made themes that were created using everything we are using in this course!


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