keep it simple

For each assignment, I am looking for a simple page that demonstrates the elements and attributes for that assignment.

It is easier for you and me (and others reviewing your work) if you keep the “code” simple.

You can reuse and add to the internal style sheet. Please use comments to highlight any additions that are necessary for the current assignment.

The body only needs to include enough content for practice and demonstration of the elements and attributes for the week.

If you want to reformat content – text, images, etc that you used for previous assignments, that is fine. Just make it clear what is applicable for this assignment. It helps if you remove all the extra code for the previous assignment that is not directly applicable to the current assignment.

If you want to experiment with tags associate with the topic but not specifically required for the assignment, great! For the course, we cover the basics and some of the most popular variations, but there are many more combinations and permutations. Some tags don’t play nicely with others – that’s for you to discover, so flexibility and resourcefulness are important in web development. Then there is the continuing evolution of the HTML standards. Some tags in common usage are not universally supported either because they are old, or because they are new!

As always – please comment your code.

By now everyone is doing pretty well on most of the assignments. Reuse what you like if it is clear what you are doing for the current assignment. When in doubt, delete the code from previous assignments and focus on the the current one.


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