one HTML file

Most web sites have at least 3-5 pages – home or main, about, contact, news, and a couple more about the subject, person, product or service.

For the final project, first prepare an outline – one HTML file that includes your internal style sheet and an outline of the “site pages” as sections within this HTML file.

For the final deliverable, expand your outline – still just one HTML file, to represent expanded content within each of the sections that represent pages. This will display as one long scrolling page in the browser window. Navigation should link to anchor tags within the page file.

Remember, this is a final project to demonstrate what you have learned throughout the course. Show that you have learned to use a wide range of HTML code appropriately. This is not necessarily what you could use directly for a web site. It is important to demonstrate your HTML knowledge and skill.

For example, your project HTML file should include tables, forms, images, lists, video, even if you would not use these in an actual site.


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