individual project

Question : I am confused by individual project. You mean that I have to include my additional research for all 30 resources? or do you mean that I have to have my own research for one of three resources in each section? In addition, since I have already posted descriptions for all sources in each topics, can I re use them for final individual project?

The individual project consists of publication of 3 resources – links and comments, for each of the 10 topics. You many use / reuse your own work, your own comments on provided selected media, links provided by other students with your own comments, and/or original research you do now for this project.

This is your project, for your benefit. This is your personal summary of the course. If you are satisfied with your knowledge based on the readings and discussions, that’s fine. If you are still curious about some topics withing the course, please take this opportunity to dig a little deeper and find additional resources that answer your questions.

This is the exciting part of the course – bringing it all together, identifying a couple of topics that were especially interesting to you and discovering something more to share with your group, the class and the world.

Remember – WikiEducator is a public website and you are creating an amazing resource for anyone who is interested in Computers and the Internet in Society.


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