glxdev 15.52 . resources, learning, common core

Ideas, resources for developing an open mobile early learning environment

 model for use to simply tasks and navigation
The 25 best Android apps and games of 2015
most significant, influential and impressive apps we’ve seen released on Android over the last 12 months. From high-octane gaming and…
2015 | Talking Math with Your Kids
usage of the Bedtime Math app and found that even small amounts of use with children by parents who are anxious about math resulted in su…
The Science of Learning (and technology’s impact on how we learn) – A.J. JULIANI
four processes: what we pay attention to, how we encode it, what happens to it in storage, and when and how we retrieve it. Almost everyt…
Self-Directed Learning Definitions
“Self-directed learning is any increase in knowledge, skill, accomplishment or personal development that an individual selects and brin…
Donald Clark Plan B: 10 ways to make badass INTROs in online learning (& ditch dull objectives)
you have 2 seconds to impress. Attention is a necessary condition for learning, so your job is to raise attention and curiosity, not bore…
52 Education Lessons Learned, Re-learned or Reinforced in 2015 – Etale – Digital Age Learning
One of the more important education reforms is helping student find and use their voice…and for that start by having a voice in their o…
Common Core Quest – Android Apps on Google Play
Students, teachers and parents* Take quizzes to demonstrate mastery of Common Core Math and ELA skills (all K-12 CC standards)* Recommend…
Donald Clark Plan B: Top 10 stupid mistakes in design of Multiple Choice questions
understand good design and the need to test deeper understanding.Here’s a few rules to follow if you’re new to this game:1. Test unde…
Donald Clark Plan B: 10 essential points on use of (recall not recognition) open-response questions
four levels of learning:Familiar – knew but can’t now rememberRecognised – correctly recognise answer in a multiple choice question…
Donald Clark Plan B: 10 text layout FAILS in online learning
Text is tricky. Looks easy but on screen it is so easy to make it difficult to read, even unreadable. You have to keep a cool head and re…
Donald Clark Plan B: 10 challenging ways to get the best from your SMEs
practical sessions where each of the following are covered
Next Gen Science Standards – Android Apps on Google Play
View the Next Generation Science Standards in one convenient FREE app! A great reference for teachers, parents, and students to easily re…
Wikipedia Selection for schools
Wikipedia for Schools! This selection of articles from Wikipedia matches the UK National Curriculum and can be used by school children ar…

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