the point of the story is…

Stories are great ways to teach important lessons. But what lessons? The same story can be used to provide the basis for any number of lessons.

For example, this story is a classic. The point of the story varies depending on the story teller and the audience.

A little girl growing up in a remote village in China . The family did not have running water in their home. The little girl was given the job of fetching water from a nearby stream. Her grandfather gave her a bucket, but the bucket leaked. She went to the stream and got water every  day with the leaky bucket. She had to make several trips because she lost water all along the path from the stream to the house.

Several months later, all along the path from the stream to the house a wonderful vegetable garden was growing. The grandfather had planted seeds along the path. The water from the leaky bucket had watered the new plants everyday.

The point of the story? Well, that depends.

  • Sometimes we have to do things even though we don’t know how this will be useful or necessary in the future.
  • The grandfather turned a problem – the leaky bucket, into a solution – watering the garden every day, as well as bringing water to the house.

So why didn’t the grandfather just tell the little girl about planting the seeds? They could have shared the excitement of the seeds growing into plants. Hauling all the extra water would have been a pleasure rather than a useless chore.



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