Yes, and…

I remembered someone suggesting that “yes, and” was much better than “no, but” which many of us use way too frequently. I don’t remember the source, but it seemed like good advice. Since then I make an effort to rephrase my no-but’s into yes-and’s if I catch myself doing it. People think it is a bit odd when I correct myself, but I am getting better at it.

Today I can across a reference to Yes, Add: How Improvisation Reverses “No, But” Thinking and Improves Creativity and Collaboration–Lessons from The Second City.

Although targeting the airport business book section, it has relevance to teaching and learning everywhere. Important ideas include:

  • Mastering the ability to co-create in an ensemble.
  • Fostering a “yes, and” approach to work.
  • Embracing failure to accelerate high performance.
  • Leading by listening and by learning to follow.
  • Innovating by making something out of nothing.

That’s what we are talking about with our kids today.


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