Grading – points allocation

There isn’t a hard and fast allocation of total points for the course or for individual assignments and activities.

The total points for the course is usually 200-230. The points for discussions and coding assignments including the individual project work out to about 50% or about 100-120 each.

Because the course is online and deals with a subject that is constantly changing, it is appropriate to reflect the information and trends within the course content. This will necessitate adjusting activities and therefore, points allocation.

Additionally, the course dynamics are different each semester. If the discussions are particularly informative and insightful, the discussion points may be expanded to recognize these contributions.

Some semesters the web coding and development activities far exceed expectations, so additional points are awarded for excellence.

In other words, it depends…

You are encouraged to check your grades yourself – left navigation menu, near the bottom “Grades” link. Check that you have submitted all your work and that it has been graded (usually within a couple of days for on-time submissions). Late work is accepted although grading will be delayed and points will be deducted.

If you have questions about specific assignments or activities, please ask.


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