1. Getting started


Voyager is part of the “plumbing” of the internet and the web. Using tools like Thimble most of this is hidden. However as a web developer you need to have some experience using this infrastructure. We will talk about this more in the next few weeks. Because of the range of experience of students in the class, getting started can be a big step for some.

DeAnza provides every CIS student with a Voyager account and server storage space. Voyager is a Linux server with an Internet connection so student work can be accessed via the web. This is the traditional way to develop web sites.

For this course you need to learn to use the tools including uploading files to your Voyager account.


Yes, late work is accepted for partial credit. Yes, there are deductions for late submissions.

It is important that you do all the work. It is best if it is submitted on or before the due date. It is still beneficial to your skills and knowledge development, even if it is late. It is extra work to grade past due assignments, so early or on time submissions are appreciated.


WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get – This is like Word. For example, you use the bold tool to make the text in the document appear bold.

The Thimble editor is a text-based HTML editor. The code in the left window has additional information included as text to produce the formatted text you see in the right window.

For example for bold text in the right window, in the left editor window you need to put the bold tags around the text to appear bold.

Many of the other web tools are WYSIWYG. They are easy use but you wouldn’t learn much about HTML or CSS. This is why we use Thimble – text-based editor and you can see what you are doing at the same time.


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