my code isn’t working

Please post a link to your page. There is no way to guess what your problem is. You have not provided any information that can be used to help you track down the problem with your code.

There are many reasons why your code “isn’t working” – incomplete or incorrect code are usually the cause. Much of the code being submitted for the coding assignments includes lots of errors that are ignored by the browsers.

If there are any code elements highlighted by Thimble, fix these, even if you think they aren’t related to your image map problem.

You should run further coding error checks. For example, if you view the source for your page with Firefox, coding errors are highlighted in red. Even if your image map code is correct, if it is surrounded by other errors, the whole thing can be ignored by the browser that is confused by something completely different.

This is one reason to keep your coding assignment  submissions simple and focused on the current topic. Any coding errors are directly related to this assignment.


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