5. picture this…

Q: What exactly you are expecting to do here? Where to provide description, on the final page or in the coding? and what is mean by each example?

“each example” – The elements and attributes for the assignment are:
cis89images1 – img, src, width, height, alt, title (image attribute), href, map, area, shape, coords, figure, figcaption, border, float, margin, .gif, .jpg, .png

  • you will need to include multiple images to satisfy all these requirements
  • each image should demonstrate one or more of these tags used appropriately
  • in your page display along with each image, include “a description of what you are demonstrating” – what tags are associated with this image, what you think these tags are doing and how we know it is working correctly
  • an “example” – one image + description, attribution, etc.
  • the number of examples will depend on how many different images you include (Hint: must be 3 or more, but it is up to you)

Lots of coding assignments include all the tags, but most don’t actually do anything. If the value specified is the same as the default, is the code working or not? If the code is ignored because of direct or indirect coding errors, there is not way to tell the difference.

I’m expecting you to tell us what exactly you are doing and what the results should be. It isn’t enough to just put the tags in your code. When you understand the tags and how they work, you can provide the description for the viewer to see it too.

Include any license, copyrights and/or attribution information associated with the images you use.


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