Summary 4. From here to there – Links

Lots of nice pages to demonstrate links. This is one of the most powerful features of the web – the ability to reference another document or image with just a click!

It is surprising how many options there are for providing links and what should happen as the user does activate the link.

There are a lot of small things to watch for in your coding. Some like including a page specific “title” are good practice – this will be used in a search listing, so you want it to say what the page is about. “Made with Thimble” is ok, but it doesn’t say anything about you or your work.

I’m surprised by how many people thought they had completed all the elements of the assignment, but missed tags from the list provide in assignment submission form. Evaluate your own work against the rubric and the assignment tag list before you submit it. Ideally, all submissions really are perfect.

If you have specific questions, please ask while you are working on the assignment. I have been providing individual feedback after the assignments have been submitted, reviewed and graded. A better use of my time and yours is working on the problems before the assignments are due.

5. Picture this… – Images

We are moving on to Images! Another great advantage of the web – virtually no limit on including pictures, drawings and animations. Images can tell stories and make powerful statements, alone or in combination with text.

There are many wonderful collections that you are free to use – with proper attribution, of course. Use your own images, too. There are plenty of free tools to allow you to edit, crop, resize, enhance and present images within your web pages.

Have a colorful visual week!


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